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Bonnie “Prince” Billy

"My Old Pal"

I'm thinking of you tonight old pal
And  wishing that you were here
I'm  dreaming of the time and the days gone by
When you filled my heart with cheer

And I remember the nights when all alone
We  sang "Sweet Adeline"
No  other face can take your place
In my heart old pal of mine

Now  the old pals are always the best you see
New friends you can find every day
But they can't fill their places or ever be
Like the old pals of yesterday
And  I'm wondering just where you are tonight
And if you ever think of me
It would make my weary heart so light, sweetheart
Your face again to see

'Cause I remember the nights when all alone
We sang "Sweet Adeline"
There's no other place that i'd laid down my face
Than by your side, old pal of mine

Now, in my checkered life
I've found nothing comes right, it seems
But still you'll always be a pal of mine
Though it may be only in dreams

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