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"Keep It Moving"

Chyup, haha you already know man
Uh, look

... gotta keep it moving, gotta keep it moving
... all the music selling gotta keep it moving

... I got a small crew but we keep it cruising
... cause I will not lose and I’ll never lose it

Uh, ... so tell me why they hatin on us?
... tell me why they tryna take it from us?

Listen man, you can really take it from us
Hah, ... that we will not take it from yuh

Nah… nah man I’m not having it
Nah… man you don’t know the half of it

Nah… see the sweat know we passionate
Yah… thats why I run it, never passing it

Uh… I won’t be giving out no passes nah
Mastermind, struggle with ya craft and I just mastered mine

Have to rhyme, cause you know without it I don’t have a rhyme
... I would give you my two cents if I don’t have a dime

... it’s time for yall to start payin up
... I been going through the pain enough

... or maybe I just don’t complain enough?
Haha, ... but now I’m done playin, ugh

Yeah… what it do? homie what it do?
... I’m sick of losing man, you is too

... it’s no more shadows when they look at you
Why? … because the winter (winner) time is through

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