Love Sosa Freestyle
Ridin' 'round and I'm 'bout it in the drop top with low milage
Got a bitch suckin' my dick when I hit my spliff all up in traffic
David Copperfield when I cop a feel, bitch got no panties
On, fuck Sgt. O'Malley, do what I want ridin' in Cali
All black superspokes and my boom's low when I post up at Rally's
Got my heat on like LeeBron but this ain't in Miami
45 ways, now live and crime pays, pop that top and I roll my J
Get that bud, breakin' down the shake, take a eighth to the face
Whip that, bitch n***as get back, get
That two-piece now your neck got whipped 'lastic
And big cash n***as don't want no drama
Win back-to-back like I'm Obama
Head buster, got bread 'cause I got homies in all red
That'll keep that soft white for 1.95, and I cook it up like yeah
Known for the best, serve for the dress, gettin' this bread all in my pants
Got these dudes in skinny jeans, copped from me, gettin' high than Peter Pan
Shot out, thangs out now cuz bangin'
Lime City Streets in my window painting
For the extendo, 33 shots for the grain like Larry Byrd in the game
B I peep, on 4 G I be, smoke a n***a come back like Chi Ali
Cold 'bout the hands, go see 'bout me, mothafuckas think I'm the real Ali