Halo In The Dark
[Verse 5: Twisted insane]
Drown in the middle of the darkness
Bathe in the belly of the beast
Drunk in the bottle with the henny [?] you already beat
And maybe its the devil talking to me in my sleep
Some say i'm just high and i'm paranoid
But i ain't take a hit another tell me what does it mean
Grew up in the kitchen, every time i hear a noise
Am i dreamin'
Is it really what it seemin'
Talk to the angels but i'm walkin' with the demons
Been on the wrong path tell me am i really gunna get the last laugh maintain to be a phenom
Whats gunna happen if i run outta time and i really never ever get to bustin' your rhyme
And i never get to go to a show any mo' on the road meet the fans, take a pic, get the (lunch?) i'm
Comin' at em with a millimeter and i gotta murder hater and i'm on em with a click click bang
They tell me that i'm crazy like Suddam Hussain
Run up on me anybody bound to get this thang
So many people who done feel my pain
They tell me everytime i go and check my mail
The one question that i always ask myself
I wonder will i go to heaven or to hell, oh well
I'ma tell
Will the lord forgive me of all my sins
Of all of the bad things that a bad kid coulda did growing up in a lions den
187 off of black n gold twins
Leave em in the dirt and get away up in the night
But you never know when somebody waiting for me round the corner with the heat about to take my life

There's a halo and an angel, illuminating the darkness
There's a bright side moving into the harmless
(?scratches just a thing for the star?) (?)

I will continue these lyrics asap unless anyone else would like to contribute as this track has been lacking lyrics for over a year now thanks y'all!