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Danny Wolf

"Ray Gun"

[Verse 1]
I got the Ray Gun
Im feelin like Marvin the Martian
One false move and a hole in your noggin
They know how I do it and they know how im rockin
Walk in the bank and I make a deposit
Section 8 babe f*ck a hoe with my [?]
James Harden how i ball like a Rocket
Ain't the plug takin him out the socket
Lil Xrr how you know that I got it
Lil Xrr know he poppin
Danny Wolf got the beat knockin
If he want lean than i re rock it
Im on the block with like 3 shottas
You [?] and n*ggas know im green goblin
Im with batman they know that im Robin
Kick the door and im breakin the knob in

[Verse 2]
Spent 3 on Givenchy slides
Any shoe i want in any size
Who is you? I know you pickin sides
And Im cookin up like that Ricky guy
Yeah they know i ain’t talkin bout Morty
Sippin lean like this sh*t is a 40
He with his b*tch, kill him and his shorty
Yeah im gettin rich so lil b*tch dont ignore me
Young n*gga back on the lean
I beat up a pack like im back in the ring
Flow like a butterfly, sting like a bee
He want some smoke we hit him to the T
Bro call the plug and my n*gga gon sting
I am Lil Xrr but im really a king
Ain't no real life we ain't stoppin this green
Pockets pregnant that sh*t pokin my jeans

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