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"Ironic diss track"

(b*tch lasagna starts playing)
I saw the diss track Elsa
Nothing personal, kid
But I must go all out, by which I mean making an even crappier diss track
Just this once

[Verse 1]
Eggs or Ovums whichever will it be?
Sit the heck down Elsa
I have a trick up my sleeve
You tryna diss me for being number one
But you parody I love it
So best think you haven't won
When you check your facts
We're gonna be done
'Cause we only just begun
I review you
Ok ,bye egg, gone
After this you will be scarred
So let me pull out my reverse card

Egg, reverse card
Egg, reverse card
Elsa is about to draw 2, +4 cards
Egg, reverse card
Egg, reverse card
Look at Elsa she crying with more cards
Egg, reverse card
Egg, reverse card
Elsa is crying over disses from discord

[Verse 2]
So who on earth is Elsa (Hmm?) maybe should we diss her (ooooh)
You try to plus 2 me but you get reversed (oof)
Your diss track (and mine) gave my friends concussions
(BLYAT) Ooh, what was that did I hear Russian?

[Verse 3]
(Hardbass plays)
(Why diss amboi of all people? He has like only fifty subs and his content is cringe and trash. Eh still its fun. Its a bad meme but fun. I hope you like this crappy diss track. Which I know you didn't. If you bothered to look in the description for the russian lyrics. Epic.) - Translated from Russian

[Verse 4]
(Megalovania starts playing)
You have an iron sword while I'm up here with diamonds. (ooh)
Why'd you delete the diss track in the worst timing, (dab)
This track is terrible it will hopefully be over soon. (gang)
But at least mine didn’t use that much autotune

[Verse 5]
(Despacito/MTC starts playing)
OwowowowI am a soi boi
Diss track for me both are crappy
I want it so I can
Make this diss track
Wasting my whole day
These lyrics are big gay
I edit from my screen
Making bad memes
Your song wasn’t good
You live in the hood
I want to make a bad diss track
Like my school said
I want a bad diss track
Not with autotune

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