Naval songs

"A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore"

A hundred years on the Eastern Shore,
Oh, yes, oh!
A hundred years on the Eastern Shore,
A hundred years ago

Oh, when I sailed across the sea,
My girl said she'd be true to me.

I promised her a golden ring,
She promised me that little thing.

I wish to God I'd never been born,
To go rambling round and round Cape Horn

Around Cape Stiff where the wild winds blow,
Around Cape Stiff through sleet and snow.

Around Cape Horn with frozen sails,
Around Cape Horn to fish for whales.

Oh, Bully John from Baltimore,
I knew him well on the Eastern Shore.

Oh, Bully John was the boy for me,
A bucko on land and a bully at sea.

Oh, Bully John, I knew him well,
But now he's dead and gone to hell.

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