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"Always this"

(You look like you seen a ghost)

[Verse 1]
On this couch in an apartment staring at the walls
If I get to sleep tonight I'll actually be appalled
I hear the demons creaking out the door into the hall
I hear these people speaking and I just sit there and stall
Wish I wasn’t in this situation that is all
I don't wish it was easier just know that there is more
In struggle there's an outcome and I need it to record
There’s real sh*t out but there's no doubt we are at a short
Yeah short

[Verse 2]
Topple down the walls of the castle leave 'em dead
The rubble wasn't ready for the trouble we present
Essence of distress I'm just really unimpressed
Hoping everybody catch up before we all end up heads
Rolling on the floor because of someone's decisions
The incisions were deeper than some stitches ever zipped
The fever we were nursing had no business not to kill
In fact the issue is is all we do is keep the build

[Verse 3]
Growing larger than we had imagined but it's still
Some sort of priority interested by this deal
Trading life for artificial empathy the real
Seal the deal the legend of this century gon' feel
Amazing levels til the devil becomes what is real
Walking through the night you got the ending on your heels
Are you gonna trip or run or give you up and kneel
End it for no benefit you barely breathing for your meals
All the sh*t you never said just floating in your ear
What’s the word and reason for you living inside fear
The fear inside is holding us all back and that’s a steal
Something we can use to mold our world and take a wheel

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