"Jigolo Har Megiddo - Commentary Version"

Ghoul 1: Har Megiddo is like the, what's the word? The basic two words which...

Ghoul 2: It means the mountain Megiddo, which Tel Megiddo is a city in Israel.

Ghoul 1: Yeah.

Ghoul 2: Thus the bottom of the mountain of Megiddo, the final battle between good and evil is to stand.

Ghoul 1: Armageddon.

Ghoul 2: Har Megiddo, Armageddon.

Ghoul 1: Yeah. So if that were a cheesy movie, it would be called Jigolo Har Megiddon. Armageddon. As the title implies, jigolo. The worship among a female collective of these sort of guys that act and treat them like sh*t.
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