Bad Habits

Lite Fortunato

Aye, uhh
Srt, Srt

[Chorus: Lite Fortunato]
Good n***a with bad habits
Sticks in the couch and the mattress
Glock 17 all plastic
Me and Fauni make the scene tragic
[?] forreal
They murder for hire, they feind to kill
I feel like a [?] I was born in the field
I feel like a [?]

[Verse 1: Lite Fortunato]
Lean slow, make a lil n***a [?]
Curbside serve dope at the [?]
Birds I sold when [?]
Rolling a Russian, I feel like a Russian
It's Russian Roulette they gon kill you for nothing
Why you asking me questions [?]
Why you showing me that, you a dealer or sum
I give em a budget, the killas they come
The [?] his pockets, they Benjamin Button
[?] boy you pushing the buttons
You acting so shady you get shot in the function
Red, red, in love with the Tussin'
Death bed, they kill you in public
Could tell that you a stranger, you changing the subject

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