Lite Fortunato

Ok Embasin, whatever

[Chorus: Lite Fortunato]
Ride with sticks through the A
f**ked up my energy, that boy a mini-me, I need the sage
Them n***as envy me, they wanna guess my move, just like charades
When them n***as die, we come through they block and we just through a parade
[?] b*t*h [?] just for some days
[?] my n***as [?] spinning your block and they running a raid
Wrist watch got them b*t*hes amazed
I'm top notch, I don't care what they say
When the shots pop, watch a n***a decay
When the Glock pop boy you get hit with the [?]

[Verse 1: Lite Fortunato]
Yo no se, I don't know what to say
I run to the racks, you running through a maze
She from Atlanta, I flew her to LA
I never panic because I know it's a phase
I could be your stylist cuz [?]
And I'm from the bottom but them boys can't relate
And my jacket, Helmut Lang
You not in my bracket, you a lame
And I can do magic, David Blaine
I run through the racks and you complain
I pop me a xan it keep me sane
I need me a Patek, don't care if it's plain
[?] baby I'm just playing
You better not crash, boy stay in your lane

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