Catch A Flight

Lite Fortunato

[Intro: Lite Fortunato]
Ok Embasin
[?] it's the Srt
One thing for sure, two things for certain

[Chorus: Lite Fortunato]
Damn, huh
I'm catching these flights but I can't catch a break
And I'm catching these flights but I can't catch a break
If you try one of my guys then I catch me a case
[?] they cannot relate
And they know that I'm the greatest, not up for debate
If you live by the gun then you die by the [?]

[Verse 1: Lite Fortunato]
With the flowers and dope Imma give her a vase
She said that I'm dope, Imma give her a taste
If you go against the goal the I get you еrased
If you live by the smokе then you die by the vape
I said to my momma, how was your day
I'm pouring that red, red [?]
The OVO, feel like I'm Drake
Rockstar b*t*h [?]
Japanese linen when you talk about the seams
It's all about perception, it's not what it seems
She said that I'm rude, what do you mean
My denim say [?] APC tee
She sending me nudes [?]
She took my heart [?]
They praying Nato [?]
We spin your block up, shoot ya block like Febreeze
If I catch a n***a, catch a case on the scene
Then I catch a flight I'm on my way to Belize

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