Like Ouu lyrics

Lite Fortunato

Ok Embasin

[Hook: Thouxanbanfauni]
Baby I [?] like ouu
Baby I [?] like ouu
Baby I [?] like ouu
Baby I [?] like ouu
Baby I [?] like ouu
Baby I [?] like ouu
Came in this sh*t I probably f**ked on five thots in the room
All my n***as on go, vroom vroom and that zoom
I ain't got time for Facetime, wanna Facetime right now f**k a Zoom
Stupid lil b*t*h I really like you
Not from the f**king perfume

[Verse: Lite Fortunato]
Hop out the car like ouu, damn
This b*t*h fill up the room, damn
Pop out the trunk like ouu, damn
Off-White dunks, like ouu
Stupid lil boy you a fool
Better make up your mind or you making the news
Stupid lil b*t*h you a fool
Stay with that n***a you just wanna lose
Call up the plug like, yup
Do I need a six like, yup
That's a M6 like, yup
Me, myself and I is all that I trust
You can't f**k a bag up you fool
You f**k with a bag you a fool
I would be mad if I was you
Come in your trap make a lil n***a, ouu
Diamonds thеy shine all over like, ouu

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