Ghetto Symphony ft. Horace Brown lyrics

Horace Brown

[Verse 1: AdyB]
Banging Pac, got to ease my mind
Un Euro and a dream, they repeat my lines
G, I don't ever want to see a 9-5
And immediately want to receive my shine
Cool cat, I don't need nine lives
Though i see, when they do want to impede my grind
Need what's mine
And I mean it's time, to believe
And I either get rich, or die trying
The facade of the buildings on the block i'm from, is messed up
So I gotta get this check up
I'm alive ain't no time for a rest up
Low vibе, ain't abide and I stepped up
To providе running water at my grand momma house
And a kingsize bed, instead of a couch
Tears all shed, but ahead of a doubt
And if yo ass scared, leave you dead on the route
School of the hard knocks though
Wasn't born with it, went and got that dough
Cleaned these doors, yeah I mopped that floor
And this sh*t is all me, I ain't cop that flow
f**king with a lil bitty scandalous hoe
Will stop you from making moves, sleep paralysis bro
Now she got a kid, all by accident though
I just need a woman to be matching the soul, and growing
Hanging with the big homies I would look up to
I got holes in the socks, and the shoes, I want new ones too
I told em put me on some sh*t i would consider to do, and soon
Knew that it ain't for me
Knew to defuse any tendency
Recognize and pursue what i'm destined to be
And I choose, wether I lose, or move for the peak, yeah
Ambition became too unfamiliar
Therapeutic, my music that keep me sane dawg
Till I see my face on Wikipedia
Out in Munich, I muted all of the fake dawg
With false lives
Being portayed
Social sites
Still low wage
Just to make a motherf**ker feel good
When up in y'all hood, that sh*t real it ain't no stage

[Hook: Horace Brown]
I wake up, get dough /
That’s all, I know /
Blow cash, get more /
I don’t ever ever ever /
Wanna be broke /
I move fast, slow /
The harder I go /
All that I know /
I don’t ever ever ever /
Wanna be broke /

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