Rare Breed Entertainment

"B Magic vs. Syah"

[Round 1: B Magic]
I said, yo
This how it’s gon’ go, n***a
You gon’ lose, and I’mma win
I ain’t got time to keep going back and forth with nobody’s kids
Syah, look, you’ve been a rookie for ten years
Man, what the f**k?
You lost 80 times on 106: you f**kin’ suck!
Check me out
‘Cause I rap greater, fresh as a Bernie Mac taper
When I grip the K, I flip ‘em, hey
Catch ‘em? Triple H back-breaker
Calico (Calicoe) all in your chest
b*t*h, I’ll Pat Stay ya
Magic got ya bae (Bay) goin’ dumb, like I’ll Mac Dre her
Keep a bottle wit’ me, like I had a genie
Saw your b*t*h earlier, n***a, and she was glad to see me
It’s the same Magic
The one n***a that used to have a beanie
And the hood got my back like a Lamborghini
First round, these bars gon’ f**k wit’ ya head a little
Second round, you will die
I’ll give your head a missile
Third round will be your funeral, n***a
I’m fed up wit’ ya
And that’s a 3-0 like Kerry Kittles
You f**kin’ punk! I should smack you from afar
While you talking, and then you see the collapsing of ya jaw
I ain’t got nothing but a .45 and a new MAC, but it’s a start
Play from House Party: I keep a couple ratchets in the car
It’s B Magic, I’m the king, versus...John John homie
This n***a literally get battles sayin’, “John John know me”
See, you a temp, I’m with the Union like Bron-Bron homie
You want yo’ K, I got yo’ K (OK) like a pom-pom on me
Don’t act hard
n***a, you wear contacts, that’s gay, cuz
No real n***as around you to tell you that was what gay was
Spray slugs
It’s B Magic, you b*t*h, I’m showin’ no love
Talkin’ how you got your Bankroll Fresh with no plug
Look, you get a four to your lady’s sh*t
Tape handy
Think of the Banks family: I’ll raise a Smith
I ain’t gon’ give you my life, n***a - come take the sh*t
Run across your mouth with the Chucks, n***a: my Taylors Swift
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