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"Hammer to Fall (Live at Rock in Rio Festival)"

Aye, aye, aye
Okay, "Hammer To Fall"

[Verse 1]
Here we stand, here we fall
History don't care at all
Make the bed, light the light
Lady Mercy won't be home tonight

[Chorus 1]
You don't waste no time at all
Don't hear the bell but you answer the call
Comes to you as to us all
And it's time for the hammer to fall, yeah

[Verse 2]
Every night, every day
A little piece of you is falling away
Lift your face, the Western Way, babe
Build your muscles till your body decays

[Chorus 2]
Tow your line and play their game
Till the anesthetic cover it all
Till one day they call your name
Then it's time for the hammer to fall
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