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Electric Six

"Kids Are Evil"

[Verse 1]
Daddy needs a car like your mama
And you don't need that knife anymore
You can write another letter to Obama
But you can't play the youth card no more

[Chorus 1]
The kids are evil
And they are talking to us
In a language I don't understand
The kids are evil
And now they're covered in dust
While I was staring at your Instagram

[Verse 2]
They use words of kindness to kill
They use each other to get their fill
And when they're done doing what they're gonna do to me and you
They're gonna turn on each other and hilarity will ensue

[Chorus 2]
The kids are evil
And there's more of them than us
I guess it's war
The kids are evil
They're taking over the bus
[And rush up the front of life's door?]

And it's gonna take a lot more than a "talking to"
You're wasting your time if you think you're getting through
There's nothing more here anyone can do
So just give them what they want and let them dig a hole to fall into, yeah

Predisposed, predisposed to the noughties' clothes
It's the life that you chose, and so it goes, so it goes
There's not enough tape here to tape their mouths shut
Take us back to the days when we could spank their little butts
And kick 'em in the nuts

[Chorus 3]
The kids are evil
And they're proud of it
In a very sick and twisted way
The kids are evil
And they are shouting it out
To anyone who cares what they say

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeaaah

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