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Tierra Whack

"07/14/19 Freestyle"

[n*gga What n*gga Who Instrumental]

[Verse: Tierra Whack]
Yo I was going to take a sip
But I ain’t even thirsty
It’s summer time, man my own son/sun tried to burn me
n*ggas acting brand new jersey
Put a n*gga in surgery, if he tryna curb me
You prolly don’t get it
That just shows you ain’t worthy, that’s unworthy...
You a die off of Power Charlie Murphy
My own blood hating on me and that sh*t hurts me
Raised since a have not, Lord have mercy
Tryna get a Miller like Percy
That was weak, but if it’s beef, we can meet/meat like turkey
Sis call 12 now Bobby on 12:30, laid out
You wearing coach shoes like they ain’t played out
Your man kicked you out, girl, you should’ve stayed out
What’s a challenge to a champion?
Staying my ground like I’m Anakin
You want to be a real man but you’re just a mannequin
Panicky man vanishing sweet like mandarin
Speaking in Mandarin calling for help but nobody’s answering
Blessed cause I "Woke up this morning...", Anthony Hamilton
Yo, they hate to hear a girl rap, quick to say that girl wack
Who the hottest in the world? It’s tha girl Whack
Your girl back, I’m a Grammy nominee
On the road to success I been tryna find the key
Millionaire in a year is what I’m tryna be
"Ay girl you so fly!" they like "Why Emcee?"
In a YMCA and I’m listening to me

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