[Verse 1: AK]
Starting Five, never out of bounds
Caught these n***as slippin' with these silent sounds
Got your main missin’ when I'm in the town
Got her fate senses so don't come around
Make them sit down like we in the lounge
Still smoking if it’s not allowed
Since about a child, know tha' razor route
But forget the past I'm living in it now
Ain't no matching for the fire
Spitting like a lion, n***a, when the sun has risen
Cuz' I'm super stoned, no pun intended
Then he paid in full now your son he missed it
Couldn't steer me wrong, got the tunnel vision
Had to skirt off because the feds is listening
Had her skirt off had to handle business
It's a turn on if ya never hear me
Hardly speaking cuz’ they wouldn’t get it
I just blow my refer and ignore the critics

Mona Lisa sucking out my spirit
Bout to call my teacher up and say I'm winning (Hello?)
Ain’t no preacher put my faith up in it
Try to take up piece and call it plagiarism
n***as leeching so I ain't a villain
So I'm riding dolo when I'm paper spittin’
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