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"Digital Dope"

Digital dope pullin up with the savior
Numb as we stuffin the blunt w the flavors
Pop me a tab now im one w the maker
They feed us lies 4 they own entertainment
See through that sh*t lady gaga x ray on em
Ain't new to this got no time to be playin
I look inside for my truth like a saiyin
Chaos is loose I know u see the mayhem
Resurrected from the dead like a sai nts
Here to bless u w the knowledge from eons
Take a hit it ain't no buds I be be on
Trippy but that higher learning what we on
Fire burning take a flight like a kiosk
Too determined when ignited I be gone
See my aura glowin bright like some neon
Can't ignore it imma god to these peons
Hood was gotham drop em how stop em
Less u got the choppa
U ain't safe
My n***a
Chosen hours so I wrote about it
Then I rose about it celebrate
My n***a
Gotta go hard every day
I be up grindin like im playin skate
My n***a
Never gave up find a way
U got what it takes
Ain't no time to waste
My n***a
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