Fre$h (Short Dawg)
Bubble Gum Blues
[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Just dropped a four, I'm sleepin' (Drugs)
I don't even know how I do this
Know your b*t*h wanna come with me
I've got pull around here, we can go swimming
Ain't no love for these f**k boys
You can save all that noise
You row your boat up sh*t's creek
I roll with a****s that pack toys

[Verse 2: Short Dawg]
And y'all lack poise
Your paper thick, still I'll take your chick
You can't wait and trick
Comin' out the pocket like Kaepernick
Flow tight, still I make it fit
It's all love 'til the haters switch
And I'm slow mo'
Gettin' so throwed that I'm pacin' it
I'm on that Indiana Jones
Cups double like clones
Pistol black as my ancestors
We don't ride with that chrome

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
She on my head like a hairdresser
But we ain't at the salon
So sad, my credit bad, cause she won't leave me alone
Stay a step ahead like a StairMaster in 3004
Smoke that OG and that Master
[Verse 4: Short Dawg]
Police dogs in my dope
Got these freaks piled at my show
First she chose me, then I smashed her
Told her if it happens naturally, then it won't be a disaster
My n***as know that I'mma grind 'til we four-deep in that Casper

[Verse 5: Ab-Soul]
My n***as know that I'mma ride until my ghost float in the sky
You n***as hustling backwards, for better or for worse
It's a gift and a curse, we makin' money off of bad words
Get money, f**k b*t*hes, yo fresh, you pick

[Verse 6: Short Dawg]
Hm, countin' my green, or get in between?
I can do both, I proved it
They see the Coupe I'm in
Ain't no reason for these n***as to pretend
If money is the root, call me Kunta, then
Used to have the two for tens, discount on them stones
I'm p*ssed off, in my zone
Got him dismounting the throne (it's on)
My game wild, I'm from a 'hood where you can't smile
I'm just here to make change, pal
And I brung soul like James Brown
[Verse 7: Ab-Soul]
And it's a man's world
Got my hands all over another man's girl
Ain't that a b*t*h, yeah, life is such
The minus and the plus, don't place me with the average
You know I'm hazardous as Ks in pre-K cla**es
It's straight madness
Pumping gas and dropping matches with your daughter in the baby seat
Can you imagine it?
It's no conspiracy, every Soul Tape's fabulous