Fre$h (Short Dawg)
4 Corners
[Intro: Jermaine Dupri]
Question; What y'all know about swangers on slab
30's on a Hummer with the b***erfly doors
Lucky Charm teeth, lack on them D's
Chevy sitting high, iced out everythang
Stacks on deck, no bank
What y'all know about five of the hottest young n***as in the game
Bow Wow, Short Dawg, Scrappy
The boy Lil' Wayne, the homie Pimp C
We got a little story to tell y'all bout where we come from

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
I come from where a Chevy with a trunk full of bump is all that's wanted
And the year don't matter long as you throw some, throw some Ds on it
Mouth cost more than your house, house on ten acres
And the inside so fly n***as call me Jim Baker
From Ohio to Texas, we so infectious
A-T-L to S-T-L it's gon' be hard to catch us
I'm talking bout bills sipping on bar
Drinking crunk, living like there's no tomorrow
See out-of-towners can't understand, cause I cut all my words short
Popping Texas, mandatory, Saturday at the mall
Hoods ain't hoods, they called wards and zones
Guns cart choppers and when it's on, it's on
See the kids can't live without it and ain't nothing you can do about it
Learn how to bounce or get out it, hear me out
Said the kids can't live without it and ain't nothing you can do about it
Learn how to bounce or get out it, now answer me this
[Hook x4: Pimp C]
Unh, now what y'all know about them country boys
Coming down in candy toys, playing hard and talking noise

[Verse 2: Short Dawg]
The boy country like overalls you know it dawg
Catch me in the slab, the same color as Bubu's rust
Cruising up the Ave and I'm probably gon give yo' ho a call
Cuz I ball hard and I'm stuntin' just like there's no tomorrow
So yesterday, I swear I spent about fifty G's
On a wrist***ch that shine brighter than a Christmas tree
If you was getting cheese, you would probably spend too
So don't hate 'em cause I blow paper like the wind do
And hop out clean, so watch out, Queen
I'm the biggest balla in Houston homie, not Yao Ming
I mean, I'm getting money mane, so my pockets hella chubby
And I be sipping drank that's purple like a Teletubby
So when it comes to the women dog, I can tell they love me
They put they panties in a envelope an mail 'em to me
Now how's that for some fanmail
But me an Bow got a question, know the answer, raise your hand, yell

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Lil' Scrappy]
They call me Fisher Price cause all I do is play nice
And I ain't gon run a gang of gorillas that love to fight
I'm the Iceman, I'm far away from the sun
But I'm still hot like a bullet pushing up out a gun
My charger look like a muscle lifting a ton
If you picking on me, then you picked the right one
You pa**ed another drink and I'm sipping another one
You twist me up a blunt and I'm blowing myself a blunt
Got a Fruit Loop Coupe looking like orange juice
When them n***as see the troop, they don't be knowing what to do
Yea I'm Scrap, greatest young n***a in the nation
Y'all n***as quit hating on the money that I'm making
I'm just country

[Verse 4: Lil' Wayne]
Look they call me Wayne, dirty south chaperone
So far ahead of the race, I don't know which lap I'm on
No homo, Young Louisiana
Hit you wit the .357 like MC Hammer
And money talks, so that's my grammar
If you ain't about money, you can step like a gamma
Am I the illest doing this? Hell yeah
I am fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air
And OG kush is what you smell here
Smoking the biggest blunts, don't worry I brought a spare
They say I'm at the top, but I'm almost there
And when I get, I will sit, don't worry I brought a chair
I put ice all over the Audemar
Piguet watchface, now time is hard to tell
And I will do whatever The Carter shall
So hot, going out with me is like going to hell