Fre$h (Short Dawg)
She got me feeling like a half a pint of lean
Off some green, couple xannies, xannies
Get me in the zone, then I'm off on tour
Ever since that, when I'm on top
The only time she understand me
Cause I be gettin' so high my feet swangin'
I only do it like a drug, do it like a drug
Your b*t*h in there, licking me
We could do it like a drug
Tap until the pipe time
And I swear that I'm so high, my feet swangin'

[Verse 1: Fre$h]
I'm with my white ho
In the mirror gettin' high with the lights low
Girl you know what's on my mind when the boss call
Trying to stroke it from behind like a golf ball
And she don't even know my name
She call me Short Dawg, I told her call me Fre$h
I rub her like a condom
And she grant our request
We gettin' the contraceptive
Come get naked, I got some weed to match
And another cheek to tie you up, no strings attached
That's the deal
So she opened wide and swallowed it like that's appeal
And I know it was inspired by my rapping skills
Oh well, at least it happened still
And you would think I cracked the seal cause

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Her name ain't Mary Jane, but she with me through everything
I roll up and then I hit her
Don't that sound familiar?
Abuse that coochie like a drug, you know what's up ho
She let me lean on her like this promethazine on her
She got that fire, you might wanna try her out
Went through that peer pressure and the diamond popped out
Me and Lucy in the sky, doin' what we do
We gettin' high like how's it going or how are you?
She psychedelic and a trip too
I dip, she dip, we dip, consider molly crystal
She raise the bar and I just can't leave them xannies alone
I think I like her


[Verse 3: Fre$h]
Man, I'm so high
I swear it, why lie?
I'm high enough to give a high five to Allah
High enough to slam dunk when I'm gonna get dumped
She want the c*ck back, pistol kissin', grilled pumped
Hair combed, young Fly's from the side
Diamonds in my mouth, gold flashin'
Meetin' through these n***as, closed captioned
Stay fun flow, go and make that foam crashin'
I'm from the H, Texas is my state
My ho's like plates cause they underneath the case
I hit 'em when they comin'
I ain't gonna need a date
Baby girl, I'm straight like the letter "I"
Motivated by the money that I can't deny
It gets me high