Fre$h (Short Dawg)
Keep It 100
[Hook - 2 Chainz & Skooly ]
Pull on the vallet and look like wings on my sh*t
Talking sideways put a beam on that sh*t
Ain't no Activis so I lean on my b*t*h
I brought her with a bad b*t*h, I got her fiending for this
All that I need is a gun, I promise to keep it 100
The coupe ain't come with no keys, not when you spending 100
A n***a think this is a disease, can't even keep it a 100
I keep it a 100, my pocket look so with the cheese
How many n***as with me ? I think it's a 100

[Verse 1 - Short Dawg]
Half of these rapper sucks, they nead a pacifier
Truth be told the other half are liars
[?] more will do in the foreign coupe
Rings on it like a appetizing
Got a life fresh where you've been
N***a that's personal
I'm doing a verse more because the work is slow
Keeping it 100 like the purpose's goal
I'm authentic keep my car's tinted
Probably cause I got your broad in it
The way she walking got my palms itching
Money talks and mine is long-winded
The TRU up on my charm glisten
Got more oil in it than a car engine
Because n***as know I'm from the H town
So I'm coming down like a part**ion
[Verse 2 - Cap 1]
Making all of these f**king Gs
They can't even keep it 100
I got the trap bumping, n***a what you want ?
Probably put in your order
I got them birds in the water, that's on my son and my daughter
I made a half from a quarter, I might hit this helling business
N***a fleeping pigeons, bought a Rollie flood at the border
TRU thats la familia
I can make a phone call and I get rid of you
You can't have this b*t*h; I don't even consider her
We offin' them pounds like Jennifer n***a
The trap phone steady ringing
Money count and steady spinning
I just put a pound of Lenix
We got this sh*t from the tranches


[Verse 3 - Skooly]
Married to the game, need a ring out this b*t*h
I'm may go insane, I'm not the king to this sh*t
I'm a zombie, I want brain, i'll be feinding for this
Wooh, that shout never changed ain't no reason for it
Trying to get the lean out of my p*ss
Trying to get the Gs out my b*t*h
I had an uncle, used to smuggle, got 4 keys in this b*t*h
So many Gs in this b*t*h, but I'm not easy to spill
[?], I was the dope, I'm the lean in the seal
[Verse 4 - Kaleb]
When it was small faces, I was keeping it 100
Spend the 10s, 20s, 50s all I keep is the 100
My money here, don't come stop it because it [?] just like money
And my kilo like my car, yeah the Porsche do 200
I'm riding for all of my n***as, no car pull
Professionals with the music, we pros with the tools
How can I lose ?
I came her with nothing, go nothing to lose
We out there, [?], got quality music so how can we shnooze ?