​yes, i really lived lyrics

​tobi lou

[Verse 1]
Started talking on a Sadderday
Had me swooning till the Monday
Calling names next Tuesday 
Wednesday, she my new bae 
Breaking up over nothing, didn’t know you rolled that way
“Baby, I ain’t even do sh*t”, she excommunicate anyway
Right back to f**king with them other n***as
So f**k the sharing of my seven figures 
b*t*h I’m growing up, I’m getting bigger
So I ain’t tryna pull a f**king trigger 
Stop acting like I was a d**ker 
Baby you was just a f**king quitter 

[Verse 2]
I keep getting stuck in this room
I keep looking up at the moon
Like I did not come here to lose
I only wear comfortable shoes
I got thе lil' pay with the boost
My other lil' pay got the zoom
Might еven see what that New Balance do
Walk in this b*t*h with a new attitude
Free Tank, free Tay, and my old n***as too
Shoutout tobi, got me out of the blue
He showed me tears of pity and rue
What to do and what not to do
I’m out to bat, no three feet
Got 4PEAT on repeat
Got part four, like it’s “Really Me?”
Music solved my problems, no Meeseeks
[Verse 3]
Shoutout to my n***a Koen
Got it vangin' on the low end
I done learned so much sh*t from him
I might have to write a poem
And this one goes right out to Jordon
I’ll do the most, like Portland
Three verses ago I stopped making sense
I hate staying the same like I’m Mike Pence 

[Verse 4]
I remember this like it was yesterday, but it was really not
I was on the block as if I was tryna learn how to Milly Rock
Runnin' routes, I was in and out like the Super Bowl with the titties out
They was up at halftime, but I ain't really had any doubt
sh*t was harder than a cinderblock
Cinderella with the flip flops
n***as still chasin' waterfalls
Too many damn close calls
Mind racin' like a Nascar
Zoom, zoom right past y'all
I came up with a changeup
They was hittin' on a fastball

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