A-1 (Rapper)
Power Of Desire
(Chris:) Fallin' for a fantasy
I threw away my destiny
I don't know where to stop
Healin' broken hearts

I'll think about it endlessly
My eyes too dry to cry
For I've forced
All this time
All this time
With you, ooh...

(Chris:) I was tempted by the power of desire
I surrendered to the calling of the fire
There's nothing I could ever say
To change the things I did
But I promise you
I'll make it up to you

(Mark:) Take me back to yesterday
When all our dreams were swept away
I'd never crossed that line
I'd change the course of time

I could never live this way
If only you'd forgive
We'll start again
With all my heart
With all my love for you
All my love for you

(Mark & Chris: (chorus))

(Mark & Chris:) No surrender no return
If only you believe that...

(Chris & Mark: (chorus))