A-1 (Rapper)
Chase moore and Hippie sabotage Cypher
[Priceless Da Roc verse]

There's no respect for these selective artists
Respect the kid like you respect your father
I dug a ditch for you
Bitch respect the gardener
And it Ain’t flu symptoms
When a n***a speaking coffin
Speak toward to stop frontin' what I [?]
So high I can get Wifi from a spaceship
You bitch tryin' to take me out?
I bust in her mouth
Well definition of caught-in-mouth
Goose with the melon
It flies like a ruger now
POW, and you smokin' daddies table
Like a hookah lounge
Boy gotta get it, gotta get paid
Your bitch call me daddy
And she treat me like it's father's day
She wanna call
But there is no trusting you
Bitch, make a wish
That's a BMW
All bust the bitch
Though, you turn her she's fuckable
Treat her like a finish-line;
Everybody's running through
You own me an apology
Lying n***as making up shit:
These other n***as dodge me
Probably cause these record labels watching me
And honestly y'all n***as is mocking me
A mockery
Hop off, dig
Then you hop on
My life is like a movie;
Sit down and grap some popcorn
I look in the mirror see the top of my head
Even my reflection bow to me
Fist fights I don't even wanna help me
Double tap is face
Like I like to instagram selfie
I throw parties
And make the biggest dance
And on my way to the bank
I got the biggest laugh
I love to brag, I love to boast
Yike Fest is sold out
Man, I love these shows, uh
[?] revoked
4 fingers, two twisted
Man, I love this coast, yeah
[C Plus]

Side letter
Know I'm better
Running through this paper
Like I own a shredder
N***as talking 'bout they know me
But if they knew me
Then they would know better
I'm in a new [?] sweater
You know the PO in front
And if the act is real
You know we cracking steel
N***a, what's the deal
Cause I be powering up
Back to check, though
N***as talk money
They ain't got respect, though
Riding 'round
Busting nuts like a [?]
Like I'm still nine-teen on a metro
Hold up
Now, can you picture that?
In a white t
And a kitty cat
Running up to them cars
Trying to get it back
Hand in hand transactions
Apart from sex
But that wasn't for me
Dropped out of college like;
Fuck a degree
I started making all these albums
Never fucking for free
I need money, tree or sun to eat
But that's [?]
Got [?] for the love talking
Under the jeep
But if you call my phone
Imma tell 'em 13
Funny, cause I'm never feeling unlucky
Grapping the dice
And I'm rolling a seven
Our beat jet
Now it's all up in heaven
Watching my path
So I know where I'm stepping
And I'm back to the shit
N***as already know the act to the vis
And I come through like a activist
With them pig suck
You know the black fist

[A-1 verse]

Don't get vaporized, bitch
I take talk at the steam
I don't know where I'm at yet
Is like I walk from a dream
Just living off hope and the steam
Not hope is folks and my team
Then pour our blood and sweat and tears
I had to let my t-shirt soak in a stream
Just to get clean
To go party
I've seen folk mix dope and [?]
Pop green, and do marley
The life style ain't no dope as it seems
But shit man
All my friends smoke
We live broke in a broken machine
Stress-filled lives making drugs look sweet
Make cocaine look like coconut cream
And we might just die from diabetes
You know what I mean bro
Cause 'I don't give a fuck'
That's our cancer
We're not going to kemo
We chase waterfalls
Even if we gotta crawl up stream, though
We was cursed with the thirst
For adventures
Somebody better call up beam-o
Man you say you don't see no evil
Yeah? he must be blind then
Rich man don't never see jailhouse
Yeah? they must be blind men
Nine out of ten times we got real money
There's no such thing as a crime then
Well fine then
This one's for those
Who don't let their bankrow define them
They say "save the dolphins"
They say "save the whales"
Shit, nah fuck that
When we can't save ourselves
They say "raise the children"
They say "change the jails"
Rehabilitate the inmates
Let the man there gain some skills
For reals
Can't let these men harm me
I'm human, sometimes I
Bow to my emotions
But I can't let these men jar me
I'm human
And you're human
So you are me
No [?]
(a)gaisnt guard me
My mind is my army

Ey yo, I got heat for this trap beat
I'm flexing on it
I bet you on it
I know you wanna impact
But you came out flat
So we steppin' on you
You' a cancer, you
Running with bricks
And making bands
But you're really dumber than brick
From Anchorman
I'm a ball on the bay
With corpse I connect
See the three
Then I shaked your [?] up hands
I gotta face the damn facts
You fake, you can't rap
You see through spears a rare rap
Let Emoney open up your show
I shut it down over
You gon' be like: "Where's my fans at?"
But they rock with me now
Beast style, [?]
And knock your tree down
Try the females
I gotta get it in
Even when I don't score
Your girl's always on a rebound
I give it all when I rhyme
And you're just like Simon and Paula Abdul
And I know imma sound like a hipster
But I was in a cypher before it got cool
Then this shit blew up
And really went west to east
I guess that we found the recipe, now
For rappers wanna get on
A lot of 'em are moving out west
That's manifest destiny
I got these women;
They love that
Low blows;
I be above that
Try box me in
I had enough of that
I keep breaking out
Like I'm a rugrat
I picked the lock
Anybody try to rain 'em up parade
I'm gon' shake it up
My music is gon' make you pop
And I'm too sick to not take a shot