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Lil Peep

"The Neighbours"

[Intro: Jimmy V]
Jimmy V

[Verse 1: Jimmy V & Lil Peep]
Riding  in silence, V for violence
Smoking  on quiet‚ smoking like a violet
You smoking on a diet‚ I smoke‚ I get the highs
You smoking on a diet, while I get the high
Get  higher, and higher‚ and tower above the clouds
You  thought I was a spire, but I'm just a spider
And her pus*y is so fire
I'm  hittin' and quittin', she callin' me sir
I'm hittin' and quittin'‚ she callin' me sir
She callin' me sir, so cool
You know what bird, I'm so cool
You  know what bird, you know
What I'm cooking just so sit and watch
Watch me stir, you watch me stir
Then I finna hit up the burbs and sitting on bricks
Watching slow mixing take your turn, not hittin' the curb
While I'm slumped is what you heard, but I just sit and slurp
And you know just-j-j-just, just watch-n-n-hing you
You know you prolly learn
Never had no exes, just just b*tches deep to exit
And right before I exit, she on her knees I let her bless it
DM in a second (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I don't even read the message (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
Watch the time go by, all I wanna do is get h-i-igh
Smoke blunts in my r-i-ide, turn the music up, I like the v-i-i-bes
I'm fine, you should worry about yourself every once in awhile
Cracking a smile while I cut myself
Sometimes it feels like nothing help
And that prescription take the pain away
I'm taking acid if it rain today
Watch the clouds while I waste away
Dripping out the sink
No one ever knows what I'm sipping out my drink (Out my drink)

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