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Lil Peep

"Fangirl (Demo)"

[Chorus: Lil Peep]
Callin', shawty callin’, why you call girl?
She can't understand me, she a fan girl
Big bands, gettin' big bands, but it come with
A whole lotta bullsh*t (What?)
Tracy keep a full clip (Krah)
Pull up on your b*tch and I flex like I’m made to (Like I'm made to)
Pull up on your block with the squad like I hate you (Like I hate you)
Work nonstop 'cause the clock don't stop, nah
GothBoi, I don't need a Glock, my hitta' will mop you

[Verse: Gab3 & Lil Peep]
Now she selling I don't wanna talk sh*t (I don't wanna talk too)
I can’t believe I lost you
Ridin’ ridin', she back on the cough syrup (Cough syrup)
I was smoking kush in the bathroom

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