High With Somebody lyrics

Sandro Cavazza

[Verse 1]
My momma called me crying
Why you broken up to no good?
Mom, you know I've really been trying
To do everything I could
So I hanged up and went back to bed
'Cause I got pictures inside of my head
Yes I know, yes I know, yes I know
That some day I'll, one day I'll, Monday I will be

High with somebody
I wanna reach and touch the sky with somebody
I wanna feel so freaking fly with somebody
And If I had to pull a heist with somebody
Then it would have been somebody like you

Somebody like you
Somebody like you

[Verse 2]
Forgive me if I am whinin'
But she may have been the one
She was diggin' for my money
And we know that I've got none
Let me be

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