BoJack Horseman
Don’t Stop Dancing ’Til the Curtains Fall
[Gina Cazador]
Life is a never-ending show, my friend
A twisting, turning, ever-bending show

[BoJack Horseman]

The audience is everyone you know, my friend
Leave them with a smile when you go

You can bet that you're a star
So don't forget how fun you are
Get out there and give it your all
And don't stop dancing
Don't stop dancing
'Til the curtains fall


You are a rotten little cog, mon frère
Spun by forces you don't understand
Living is a bitter, nasty slog, mein Herr
Why not sell your sadness as a brand?
Paint your face and brush your mane
And find some place to cut your pain
To portions we can buy at the mall

And don't stop dancing
No, you can't stop dancing
'Til the curtains fall

Aw, shucks!

Today's the day, you've got the spark
You'll find a way to make your mark
And get your tiny name on that wall

So don't stop dancin', baby
Don't stop spinnin'
Don't stop beltin', buddy
Now we're winnin'

Grief consumes you
But you just keep grinnin'
The ache becomes you
And it's just beginning

Don't stop dancin'
Nothing's certain but the curtain