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Eric North


[Verse 1: Deucefade]
Where the hunnids at? I need at least a hunnid racks
But they can't find me, I'ma need 'em in a haystack
Smoke ammonia out the blunt, and that b*t*h smack
I like the b*t*h, but together we a mixed match
'Cause she petty b*t*h and I'ma petty b*t*h, okay let's do it
They all Honey Boo Boo, [?] b*t*h, we go and do it
Bro we get it, b*t*h, no you ain't ready, b*t*h, aye
Yah, you know you ain't ready, b*t*h, aye
I'ma gigolo, my shawty digital
I'ma beep on you jocking on windmill
You creeping and crawling for intel
Equal [?], you fall in the voicemail
Looks like it was sent [?]
Wait a couple days [?] toenail
Shawty hit me up off e-mail
In too deep, to the bed, to the hotel
I be rich, how I feel when I be broke in this sh*t
And I ain't tryna work no rock, tryna [?]
You either kill me or you with me, either way you on my d**k
I'm just posted with my zoes, [?]

[Verse 2: Eric North]
See, I'm pessimistic, I get paranoid quick
Her shawty bringing a flick, now beginning can take b*t*h
Get the gist
I forgot that y'all stupid, I'm gnarly, b*t*h
Got her bent, like a hanger that's holding Fat Nick fit
Black b*t*h, and she bigger than you who with all this sh*t
It’s a date, when I bring her to Wonderland it’s a rave
White b*t*h, pill popping like she eating from her past
Incest, no respect for the living, I let it dead
All you finna see is skulls decorated in red
All my shooters change your birthday to day of the death
If I'm carrying a stick, then you literal sauce
When grenades hit yo body like you Christ on the cross
Throw a stone, Bow Wow like you Shad cheap Moss
Rick Ross with the metaphors, you know I'ma boss
Take a sip of Rosé just to feel like the man
So untouchable that Thanos wouldn't shake these hands, aye
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