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Eric North


I wanna watch you twitch
I  wanna watch you roll around and 'round
In  my liquid
Please don't make a sound, a sound (shut the f*ck up)
Take  off your clothes
Take  it all
Let me see your pretty face
I'll f*ck you into the abyss
I'll make your body twist, twist, twist, twist, twist
I'll make you into my b*tch
You're so submissive so I know you love this sh*t
Baby, drink my c*m

After that
I don't even know if I want anything, I'm kinda bad at this
She said circ*mference of my sizing isn't that average
God damn that bad ass b*tch

I'm about to bite the fingers that have fed me
I'll lick the juice off of your finger baby tell me
How it taste?
Was it a waste?
Would you take back what we did today?

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