Moneybagg Yo


[Intro: Dave East]
On god

[Hook: Dave East]
Work out a pack, I blow out a sack, then jump in the 'Rari
I come from the trap, watch how how they react, the minute they saw me
n***as is mad at my life, look in their face and they salty (mad)
Probably wishing they could park me (park me)
Diamonds shinning like a baldy (shine)
When the sun hit it, any club got the gun in it (any club)
Pay attention to the OGs and a couple of my young n***as (a couple)
Run from it or can run with it, I ain't never been no dumb n***a
On the bench light a blunt witcha, bet she let me hit off one picture (one)

[Verse 1: Dave East]
I don't want liqour, one brother, I got one sister
PCH in the Porsche driftin', million dollars make you talk different (different)
Chanel on her, make her walk different
Any shorts on that paper dawg, and that Porsche truck it's a corpse in it (body)
It's a boss in it, money up, I could talk with it
So much gas, I be coughing it
Pay attention who you walking with
Gucci, my jogger fit
I got some work that we all can flip
I got a plan that we all could get rich
I gotta b*t*h that we all could hit
Posted on broadway, right in the hallway, looking for raw to get (que lo que)
I back out a Smith N', he got religious, start talking 'bout God and sh*t (oh my god)
My youngin', he really got aim, he come to your corner get all them hit
I be in Neimans and I be in Sacs, lets run through the mall real quick
Still talking my Harlem sh*t, like Jimmy, I'm ballin', b*t*h
My friends blowing in the wind, I'm just tryna win, I can never call it quits
She was swimming when I caught your chick
Audemars, that's a water wrist
We was really poor, now we sorta rich
Cuzzo got caught with a quarter brick
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