Moneybagg Yo


Yeah, it's DJ M-V-Power over everything, let's keep it movin' (Uh, uh)

[Chorus: 3TN]
I didn't lock up my n***as
I pull up on somebody blockin' my n***as
[?], duckin' cops with my n***as
I came a long way, rockin' Margellas
Straight to the top with my n***as
I'm ballin', I'ma pass the rock to my n***as
[?], then I doubt that he with us
All this cash in the world I'ma get it, yeah
Picasso, I'm painting his picture
I won't stop 'til the day that I'm richer
Free my bros, they be fighting the system
Lawyer fees just to show that we with 'em
R.I.P. to my cousins, I miss 'em
Never let anyone disrespect 'em
Count 'em up, then we splittin' the extras
f**k up good, then I'm one of the next ones

[Verse 1: 3TN]
Ayy, [?]
Whip that work, make it stretch, it do jumping jacks
Now that boy gotta keep that [?], I can't go like that
I can't be wiping up no [?], know they gon' go like that
I had to cut my homie up, I heard he was a rat (Ayy)
And I had to pay some people off, I lost a couple stacks
And I had to quit up off the Perkies, lay up off that [?]
But you could still call up my line if you want some packs (Ayy, ayy)
Hit the mall, I be cashin'
Comin' up, all I rock is high fashion
With the drip, n***a thought I'm a dragon
Tony Montana, 'cause I be [?]
I do the sh*t that you couldn't
I'm a vet, n***a, you just a rookie
Go ahead, tell [?] to book me
20K, pop up, make a movie, ayy
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