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"Real Time Cypher"

[Verse 1: Intrinzik]
You f**kin haters must be blind to the fact
That I'm grinding, I got Tech N9ne on the track
I'm supplying the crack all the hustlers need
And my UGH fam make you busters bleed
This world, is all mine for the taking
This world, is my shrine in the making
All I gotta do is draw the line in the pavement
With the heart of a God and the mind of Satan
I used to do a little but the little wouldn't do it
So the little got more and more
Underground Hustlin' started blowing up
Intrinzik started growing up, I got both feet in the door
Imma make sure that my presence is known, in this world
Use my words just to sever your dome, in this world
INT up in Heaven just staring at the gates with Aaron Yates
We don't really care who hates

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Yo, this world is f**ked up, this world is stuck up
They wanna hem you up and hang you up with your nuts cut
The blood and much guts, evil is a plus
Snuffs in every dead bottle, the killers you must duck
Trouble and animosity, tragic atrocities
Love is an oddity, evil is the dichotomy
If you ain't got the love for me, get the f**k off of me
Tech is the prophesy, philosophies make them a mockery
Murder and race hate, the world is that
You wanna vacate, the world is whack
Gun in your face, makes the world impact
With devil's who replace fate, the world in cracks
Here come the fire, coming to fry ya
Coming to burn ya cause your maker denied ya
Tech N9ne got the wings taking me higher
When the flames hit the world and the evil retire

[Verse 3: U-Fol]
f**ked up, I'm like why not let my brain rot while I try pot
Maybe sip booze and I been influenced to mix it with a mushroom
Or two to boot, why's the computer always need to reboot
Momma told me like imma tell you, I'm a virus
Monsters do whatever we gotta do to survive this, I got a knife in my coat pocket
I rock this knife more than a mic, I can't stop it
I might go off, hands round your neck like a locket
My noggin is sick, it seem to only think twisted
Cats with a sick mind, that's like mine
We're all psychopathic on a wrath in a pack with a bunch of hatchets
Twiztid Psychopathics like a tat, you can't take it back
No contracts, f**k rap, this is murder contrast

[Verse 4: Illson The Imortill]
I don't ride no d**ks on this cypher sh*t
I'm the type of kid to come ignite your crib
And then wife your chick with the finest sh*t
I'm lying, trick, on the tyrant twitch
I got that fire sh*t that'll fire kids
Give it up, Burger King is hiring
I'll be there too, fires fire your fryer in
We need a number 7, who the f**k hired him?
I don't want your votes, I don't want your likes
I don't give a f**k about a cypher hyped
Last or first, my verse is the first to sure the nicest, right?
My raps absurd, I work the mic all night
I run the night shift, you punks are eyelids
Cut you all off like a drunk that's driving
Psylocibin, I f**k your mind kid
I be an OG like what makes my eyes red

[Verse 5: Mr. Grey]
I never rap about money cause I got none
Third world in my brain, soul at an auction
Oxen blood in my veins, yo concoction
Caution, carful carnivore, cage boxing
Flossin gasoline, listerine
Flamethrower, smoke screen
151 and a match, I burn 16s
I got the murder weapon, just supply the scene, put em in a body bag
The world made me in the beginning, sinning had me grinning
I'm a super villain, world kept spinning
Then the devil started winning
Tell a motherf**ker 'What you really wanna do'
Do you use voodoo, or do it use you
Held hands with hex, left abused
Bad news since birth, Napalm fumes
I bring doom in the light of the moon
We've been found fit for a fiery tomb

[Verse 6: Insane Loc]
I gotta get away-
From the grind, in my mind
I'm wasting my time
Sitting round waiting on flatline
Time is changed, rearranged
Same game, just different faces
It's like I'm walking in a snake pit
Every direction, a lesson with no blessing
I'm stressing, Smith n Wesson for protection, I ain't bullsh*tting
I know these streets real, streets kill
Keep steel or wind up getting yo cap peeled
There's even bullets with no names
Killers caught up in this game with no shame
No aim, left that boy with no brain
Innocent, pray he died with no pain
It's so sad to see, tragedy
Is the lord mad at me? Will he disconnect my battery?
So much strife in one lifetime
It's hard to live a life something like mine in this world

[Verse 7: Spawn]
Grabbing a mil, take it
I'm ripping sh*t cause I'm wicked
The b*t*hes say I'm delicious
My hated n***as, we kick it
The haters know that I'm vicious
From times of being malicious
I had to make a decision
And follow my f**king vision
These haters don't f**king listen
I'm a time bomb; hear the ticking
So n***a, stop all the b*t*hing
Feel the heat, get out the kitchen
Want to pee? No pot to p*ss in
Follow me, I got precision
Imma beat, hit hard collision
Suck the D, yo b*t*h be wishing
MH n***a, red and black n***a
So back back n***a, or we attack n***a
I'm going bananas, wearing my black bandana
Hannah Montana couldn't handle my Joe Montana
From Oklahoma to Atlanta, I'm playing these hoes Piana
I'm talking about Rihanna, Savannah, Susanna, Joanna
Giving these hoeos something they couldn't even f**king handle
A n***a disappeared and ended up in Louisiana

[Verse 8: Yung Snuff]
Welcome to the underground, words are weapons
Smith n Wesson, trigger the murder one through the sentence
Scribble lyrics to kill em, with a clip of number 2 pencil
Pistol wirst, whistling syllable, missile tips
Shut up, I'll hit you with the rhythm and b*t*h, you'll be missing limbs
Flick of the fingertips, reaper with ink, he's speaking the beat to death
Sinking my teeth and blood shed effect em
You ain't contending, pretending you hawk venom
But dog, I char letters, ugh
I spit unleaded, my pencil be giving enemas
I chop the head off competitors, off my genitals
Confederate, genereal, Gettysburg, taking the pen to war
You been a farse, b*t*h it's over, I'm calling menopause
Spit it when Tech in the building and rappers act like a centerfold
You're pitiful, my penning considered lyrically criminal
You're fictional, I'm biblically mythical, ain't got sh*t to prove
sh*t to lose, back to the block, kid I got sh*t to do

[Verse 9: Doze]
This sh*t's for real, how these pricks can steal
They never miss a meal, they just sit and chill
While I'm stuck with a list of bills
This motherf**ker's so p*ssed, I'll kill
Got ya chicks on the strip sucking d**k for pills
They got my clique doing bits in provincial jails
They got everybody living in poverty while they caking
I rep the wicked sh*t but I working with Satan
People try to say I'm f**king crazy cause I rap
But I see people dumping new born baby's in the trash
Acting shady with ya cash, smash ya lady in the ass
Because no one's showing love as long as they be getting that
This a f**ked up world, that's why I don't have kids
I could bust up burl and they would smoke that sh*t
While daddy's in the next room, chopping blow
Your mom cops dough hosting donkey shows

[Verse 10: Phat Six]
Back on the track, I'm hitting it up ona dab
When the opportunity falls in reach, I'm gon' grab
Imma take it and make it and aim it up like a mag
I ain't never had clothes, I've been dressed in rags
And my heart full of pain cause it done took a stab
It's bleeding I've been feigning for a life with a meaning
I've been reading on the demons and I don't know how they're leading
It's deceiving how they get us and they put us in the deep end
But I stay afloat on my own, toxic pollution is home
I've been running with the ball trying to put myself in the zone
But all I do is drop it, trying to take off like a rocket
Break it down and bag it and turn it into a profit
I know you like a lineman and you here to stop it
But any motherf**ker trying to disrespect
Will catch a blow to the nose like Johnny Depp

[Verse 11: Dead Arm]
The world today, f**ked and deranged
Call it strange but it's like a migraine
And it stays in the brain and it brings on the pain
Turn people every day into something inhumane
Sick in the head ever since the umbilical
My birth was a miracle, blessed to be lyrical
The world so pitiful, everything so typical
People steal residuals, f**ked individuals
Dead Arm now got a show with Tech (show with Tech)
Opened up, killed it no regret (no regret)
Screaming ovation, what I get
Never thought I do a track with Prozak next
But I stay on the grind every time
Anytime that I need to speak my mind, let out what's inside
No more confined like I'm wrapped in twine
Won't let it bind, ease my mind, I won't be declined

[Verse 12: Gangrene The Prophit]
2-6-2, Wisco, Ayy
Land of the hopeless cold but there ain't no shame
Had a couple homies lose soul cause of no pay
G-T-P to the plate, cause there ain't no way
I'll take a knee, these haters mistaking me
For b*t*h-made in the genes, they nothing but fake, my G
Boy we feed the streets, the team is now complete
We taking over everything in sight you see
Ready at the say, get em with the K.O
Siha bout to come at ya head, you better lay low
Waddup Kush, hey Smoke, we on our way bro
Green Nation Prophits taking names hoe
Now I got a son so I gotta quit the gang bang
I paid my dues, it's time to shine, I'm aging
I been accused of d**kriding the strange thing
I pay no mind, cause every love is the same strain, one

[Verse 13: Dees]
This world we live in is far from perfect
People as a society tend not to inspect, ideas
Freedom is an illusion
Politicans receive power only to abuse it
The media controls almost all of our beliefs
There aree so many wolves wearing the clothes of sheep
It's time for us to weed out these individuals
Time to realise who are the real criminals
People doing jail-time for a nick sack
While mothers are free to smoke crack
It's a well known fact that the government lies
They live tax-free while we struggle to survive
Obama shuts down, government goes on vacation
Instead of getting head, he wants to f**k the whole nation
All of this could've been prevented from coming
But Clinton had to have sexual relations with that woman

[Verse 14: Playz]
I'm climbing up the ladder backwards
Gotta watch the hater stature
Never shocked, on static guard
Always armed for primitive actions
A random as*h**e's patented plan
To spoil my day in a selfish manner
But I was placed to raise cadavers
And turn some brains to fecal matter
An advocate of street justice, hunting down the bustas
With lethal injection of Satan's p*ss for baby f**kers
You can breathe the decrepitness, parasitic disease to end us
Only a female's vagina will ever determine when Playz is f**ked
My mind desensitized by life and the burden, we live for wealth
That's why the devil looks in the mirror and sees Playz within himself
It's my rich quick seminar behind a mind with a devil heart
Idoled eyes will rip you apart, stab in the back, a weaker man's target
I seen about all of it, falling quick; no Pologrim
Intravenous fiendish folks, swallowing d**k for a partial hit
Something to kill the pain a bit, but I keep holding out
Protect my family til the end, shotgun humping a zombie mouth

[Verse 15: YDMC]
As I strive for success, I could give a f**k less
About anybody trnna take me down regardless
Of the governmental structures shutting down, it's bullsh*t
But the cops can keep on locking up my clowns, it's senseless
So prepare the masses for many cranium smashes
Upon the skulls, I'll be laughing when apocalypse happens
And the economy crashes and Earth's destructive habits
Will establish a new world order, now can you imagine
Body parts for currency, black stock marketing
And every building burning off the sweet smell of kerosene
With big brother rolling in a bullet-proof limousine
Peeping out the scene, holding military magazines
It's flattering amist all global blood splattering
And flag tattering, the motherf**kers can mention me
The epitome of kings, YDMC and INT with Techa Nin
This is Real Timne, this is not a dream

[Verse 16: Cloud9 NinjaLOC]
Yo I can't get it outta me, the sickness inside of me
f**k your psychology, think I need a lobotomy
I got voices, f**king demons taking over my mind
Telling me that I'm f**ked, I'm running out of time
And I try and try, but there's no escape
And all I really wanna do is leave this place
Now the world is burning slow, in jet black haze
While everyone is stuck in this illusionary maze
We keep it strange; though the times have changed
And the industry decided to fill the game with lames
They're all the same, carbon copies put to shame
Claiming they're hard? Well I bring the pain
Burning all these b*t*hes, while I'm spitting flames
Chopping up and sniffing the competition like cocaine
Melt your mind like it's pouring acid rain
NinjaLOC is the one who put the bullet in your brain

[Verse 17: Chosen Few Crew]
This world is corrupt, interupt abruptly
Run for the bucks, nunchucks I'm chucking
See the way that they looking, it's the way I'm cooking
We the bait got em hooking, everybodyt wanna hook em
I cast these clowns out, my sound will drown out
We will run you down no runaround
Pound for pound, give em a run for their money
There's fire in my eyes, and hunger in my stomach
Better remember my name when you hear it: C-H-A-Z
From a crew that is strange do not fear it
Repping LV CFC on the tee in the cypher bringing heat
Tecca Nina in the ring so you know we killing beast
Epic 1 from the East of the Veg
Pass me the mic, I'm a beast, let me stay
Leaving bullet holes in those who oppose this
The last of our kind, we the illest poets

[Verse 18: D.CrazE]
D.CrazE on the cypher with Tech N9ne
I wreck lines when I rhymes like Amanda Bynes
Latino back on the track, don't slack, let the spic shine
Intrinzik Real Time, it's a crime for me to ride pine
Get in line and witness the rising of the pheonix
Impregnate your brain like a semen from a p*n*s
Then throw it back up like dinners of bulimics
Better back up, I'm bad to the bone and you're squeemish
Now everybody want to be around when I get it in
Never listen to the lesson that I found when I lived in sin
I guess I should sit down and hold my breath
This world needs a hero but there's no one left
So I'll lead by example, and take up arms
f**k the man in charge, time to ring the alarm
This world is f**ked but we can still make a difference
Find a purpose for existance instead of living as a witness

[Verse 19: Graphic Grim]
And maybe they be noticing how I be floating things
Like Pennywise's balloons, or "Half-Baked" buffoons
Chappelle & Bruer Excell but sooner, on shrooms
Ain't pulling no strings, for no b*t*hes
When they keep obsessing over it, they're pussies
That's harpoons
Then when I meet em up The New Mexico chopper fresher flow, slaughters
When I speed it up f**king with the weed
I puff as Strange took us to the sanitarium
Now we got a Metallica Monster that's scaring em
Too many bodies to bury em
To the cemetary gates we carry em
Dezert Banditz, keep it gangster
Like Snoop in his murder case with Philip Woldermarian
The threshold of reality and death is wearing thin
But it could never floor us
Rappers, I diss em and they get butt-hurt like The Jokerr
Getting kicked off the tour bus
f**king sick in the head, and they can't cure us
And I got a juggalette fetish
So show me your tats, and your tits if you wanna get with us
But it's Graphic Grim & Tech N9ne, snap at your neck line
Like vampires, staying up way past your bed time
f**king 'Tales From The Crypt' sick
Doing coke in a morgue, now that's what I f**king call a deadline

[Verse 20: Yung Statz]
Sick of this f**king world boutta go and up the crime rate
Cause in my mind state, I'm always trnna find ways, and crime pays
When you haven't eaten for 5 days
And get a sucky ass check for nothing, I ain't gon' die today
Imma hustle until the death of me
Until there's nothing left in me, so just let me be
I'll make you motherf**kers rest in peace
When I grab the strap and go shoot at the police
Starting some armageddon sh*t, you don't want it with BMD
Then dump ya body in the swimming pool
After I get what the f**k I need then I bounce like the sh*t was cool
Even though the sh*t wasn't cool
I gotta play it cool, that's what the f**k I gotta do
I gotta mek these moves, tell me what do I got to lose?
I had to go and get up on this track with Tech
Before the y figure out what I did and start asking questions
Who the f**k wanna test this in Real Time
Cause Real Time's hectic

[Verse 21: Mister Hyde]
On this mic I wreck sh*t, eating cinnamon toasted haters for breakfast
That's how I kepe a full health gauge, you don't wanna be thinking about a deathwish
The world ends, but then, who be welcome?
Who in the kingdom of Heaven? Who down in Hell's pit?
Do you live for the greater good or the devil sh*t?
Are you a puppet not comprehending intelligence?
Are you a slave to the system and how they selling it?
If free as the elephant, I'm Tony Jaa and avenging it
Protecting it well, defending nice, I respect the sh*t
Making bangers with legendary motherf**kers is necessary
I'm coming up out of the gutter with all of my brothers
No one's segregated, educate the uneducated
Don't make em famous up in the matrix, look here across the nation
Mister Hyde and Yung Statz of Beast Mode Division
Are gonna be making some changes, you getting shapeshifted; hater get it

[Verse 22: Terror]
Pause, it's a new edition
Coming and wrecking the competition
Leaving you b*t*hes in submission
In my mind, you ain't submitting
This is just what I'm admitting
Gather around motherf**kers cause it ain't all mittens, yeah
This world's gone haywire
Everybody is killing themsleves for their own motherf**king desire
This world's gone insane
Ready to blow up with the dust cause there's nothing left
The dead will rise again and there's nothing you can do
There's nothing left in this world
Everybody's gonna die and that's the truth
Nothing left alive, no one's gonna survive
In the end, there is no life
Heaven or Hell? Wait in line
And wait patiently for the reaper to decide

[Verse 23: Smoq]
Heaven sent, I'm just hella bent
On how being benevolent is irrelevant, I'm telling you
Once they catch a scent of the medicine
The reference and I are peddling, these men will go nuts
Over the irreverence given to me by these little grey men in the middle of the night
But that's just a bit of the Hell I'm in
Sitting in my counselor's office and I'm telling him of nightmares and bright flares
I wake up, they're right there
I'm out here running sh*t like I'm in a hamster wheel
So what's the point of chasing bread if I can't even eat my next meal?
Do you know how that feels? When people have never paid me enough for my photo-shoots
Dirty politicans are acting like I don't know the scoop
With a whistle in my hand, I'd only blow the truth
You'll probably listen to this verse like I pulled a tooth
Now it's time to break the mold rather than do that with which we are told
Now I'm finally on a track with Tech thanks to Caviar Gold

[Verse 24: Torchur]
Underground hustling, Real Time Cypher
Mouthpiece like Hot Rod Rowdy Piper
Always precise, target hit like Sniper
Loyal to this, a hip-hop lifer
Verbal artillery, kill this production
Follow my lyrics, mass destruction
Music's changed, digital distribution
CDs are dead, let's find this solution
Underground choppers, tracks still banging
Let's move units, this project slanging
Words are weapons, got your ears ranging
Radio garbage, mainstream mics hanging
Strange emcees, Torchor, Tech N9ne
Stop sleeping, Google me, check mine
Ready to sign, snap your neck line
A massacre, this Richard Speck shine

[Verse 25: The White Noize]
White Noize, Intrinzik and Techa Nina
Underground hustling couldn't get any meaner
D-Roc and B-Dubb here to f**k the world up
Rip the game a new as*h**e, we out fo' first blood
When times get rough, I reminisce of what I love
It's all about freedom and you can never have enough
So elevate your mind, look at the depths of night
Light up the kind, open your eyes and fly through time
Nothing's impossible, don't let an oppurtunity slip by
Unstoppable motivation as we live our life
The government's corrupted, pull a nine mili busting
Fighting for our meals while the police be doing nothing
We underground hu-hu-hustling, White Noize and Techa Nina
Better believe I am not bluffing, f**king the worldwide, dawg
You'll see now I'm keeping it coming
Better in moment, speed
We independant finna be killing everybody in the industry
Intrinzik's Real Time now you suckas gonna remember me
D.R.O.C merking the beat, going beserk
Gonna hurt everyone of my enemies

[Verse 26: Fury]
I must be the weirdest motherf**ker in the cypher
My mic hurts every time I rhyme with my words
My life's work, show these wack rappers what I'm worth
Turn them back to fans, send em back, their spine hurts
I fight worse than if you tried to take my life first
Quench my thirst with your blood, it's light work
Utilities off, your pipe bursts
I put this little thing to your head, your mind squirts
And I burst laughing, did I hurt you faggots?
Sending you packing to a hearse with maggots
You're a Matthew Shepard, I'm a herd of Iraq
Vets who hate fags, and got a thing for a snapped neck
That's how I look at all of you
Growing up, this is all I knew, now I am the boss of you
And now it's impossible to stop this crew
Weirdo Movement, now we on top of you

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