Gillie Da Kid
LEt It Go
[Verse 1: Freeway]
(Let's go!)
Fly like United
Team Early pilot
Wastin' your money, all you seein' is your eyelids
We put drama to bed, early to rise, it's
Bearded Leonidas, your highness
Kill rats with semi-automatics, kill b*t*hes with kindness
Went from an ill-minded
Blastin', leave folks mindless, spineless
N***as try to set me up, stick me for my work
Try to creep up from behind us
No way is them pricks gon' get me
Strapped up, came on that money train like Wesley
Act up, and get put on ice like Gretzky
I'm the leader of the new generation like Pepsi
Pop off and make y'all n***as do the Running Man
That's for all y'all that think this sh*t fun and games
I can supply you and your other man
I'm the money man, y'all n***as know my name

I was here when the money came
I arrived on the money train
Me and you, we are not the same
All my life I've been movin' tons of 'cane
I let it go, go
Let it go, go
Let it go, go
Get it in and let it go
I let it go, go
Let it go, go
Let it go, go
Get it in and let it go

[Verse 2: Gillie Da Kid]
Gillie, I ain't never had a 9-5
I'm on the block puttin' in work, I came Elijahwan
And every time is right on time
I swear my youngin'll shoot that b*t*h up like it's Columbine
It ain't no secret, homie – I ain't a saint
I'm on the freeway in a Dooly, work by the gas tank
Tryin' to get it back to Philly, I can make a quarter-mili
Plus I get it for a bargain, and I know some n***as starvin'
I'm all up in that lemon Porsche
Off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
They never would've thought, this n***a years ago
Who was there, pop had the city in a headlock
These n***as dead weight
The whole, no stop, drop twenty on a wrist watch, n***a no rocks
New Panerai - I chop bricks, no samurai
I stay duckin' the fed cameras
Ain't I with the playin' and that jokin', no
So you can keep that bullsh*t, joker, no
We get 'em in and then we let 'em go
So if you need that work, then n***a let us know

[Verse 3: Saint Sann]
Raisin' the bar, the picks, Razor Ramon
Rolex, diamonds, we on, soul glowin' like Tron
Haters use so many bricks for buildings, I go King Kong
With that white girl in my hand, like T-shirts we bare arms
Early, money train, you ain't got a ticket
Talk about a king from Harlem, only time you gotta witness
Come around here - you is not gettin' it
If I believed in luck, then lottery I'd be hittin' it
Thoughts never limited, professional penmanship
I'm in season, y'all still scrimmagin'
All I know is the hustle, what are you imagin'?
We talkin' birds more stirred than the Wimbledon
I let it go, go, go – go
I really kick it out of Philly, call it Eric Snow
Return of the Last Dragon, Bruce Lee with blow
They want me to fall, Niagara, but the water still flow