Gillie Da Kid
So Wavy
[Intro: Gillie Da Kid]
Lord, haha. Lord!

[Chorus: Gillie Da Kid]
Lord, I ain't got no time excuses motherf**ker, pay me
Just a young n***a tryna make a million dollars off of Haines Street
When I pull up on them b*t*hes, man, them hoes say "he so wavy"
Lord! N***a, so wavy, lord, so wavy

[Verse 1: Quilly]
I'ma get wit wit my young n***a from the same hood
Cuz we struggled, he gon' bubble like me
I'ma take him from the corner, I'ma take him outta town
He gon' triple, he gon' double like me
See how time fly, we just crack babies, both moms got high
We still hustle hard, gotta get by, I don't regret sh*t n***a
I ain't gon' lie. We ain't from the same place, we had the same poor
We had to share the same clothes, we had the same drawer
1 dime left man, we all get high