Gillie Da Kid
Gillie Da Kid Skit
Yeah, you already know what it is n***a
It’s the motherf**king king n***a
Meek you killing these n***as right now
You hitting these n***as hard
You coming through these n***a’s block
You’re willie-ing
Spitting motherf**king dirt in they face
You know what I’m saying
Tell the haters motherf**king go and do your job hater
This flamers n***a
If you ain’t spitting the flame n***a, then get the f**k out the way n***a
Get in another lane n***a, move over to the right n***a
Cause the left lane is the fast lane c*ck sucker
Understand that n***a
We give you n***as a million dollars worth of game for free
You hear me?
God give you two ears and one mouth so you could listen more than you talk
But you want to talk more than you listen
Beyotch! Holler at ya boy, ya know