Gillie Da Kid
Ladies and gentlemen
I o by the name of Ca**idy
Mr. Hip-hop
And I put this song together for my city
Feel me?
Mayhem music, we forming history!


We from the gutter
Fell with nothing but thugs
A bunch of convicted fellas
That selling nothing but drugs
Feely, pistol banging, city of brotherly slugs
Feely, pistol banging, city of brotherly slugs

Move aside, home invasions, ain't no b*t*h and no blood
And they high up serum, pills, liquor and drugs
Feely, pistol banging, city of brotherly slugs
Feely, pistol banging, city of brotherly slugs

I'm the n***a that get you stomped with
I drink the liquor, you get starched for being with it
Smoking, hiding in the stars, get!
To impose, I up the dosage in the milligrams
This night for real, Cypress Hill, I'mma kill a man!
Monday still a pain as always
It's always building dirty, shooters in my hallway
The vic is all gray, bombed up and rigged for war
I should of worked more in the bag, it's time to eat some more

N***ers rather have their sh*t strapped in the lead
Break him off in pieces, leave him like Kit-Kat
Finding where the woes be, rest where the pit's at
Tying his whole head, he'll leave with a chain strapped
Cheaters hate the D, n***ers can't hate the G
36, but some n***ers don't make it to 6
Now bake up a key, make it to B
They be working with them boys, those n***ers safe as a key

N***ers c*cky, n***ers feeling our swag
Always K40's, killing n***ers with Macs
Pretend they wanna bail, n***ers flexing with cash
I airyed at your face 'till your face is a match
Dead. What is f**k n***ers talking 'bout?
Feeling weed, the hardest, n***ers f**king out
Kill beat for murder, we don't talk it out
Homicide laws, feely n***ers spark it out

Hey, listen, I'll pop that gap like I'm slightly retarded
It's like my body here, but my upper flight is departed
Think twice, get a coffin, you don't wanna be a target
You just wanna make rap songs, you don't wanna get started
Couple of rats to a shooter, put your heat to a market
Hit your legs with a chopper, now you walk with a walker
Oh, hell, now, feely in the building, you heard of us, we murderers
Gillie Dale, 2 1 5, n***a, that's part of us

I'm a baller, I was born a much man than Chris Steven
They smiff and skid belly, new n***a in town with the birds, strip Kelly
Before we break it down, there's a line in front of the Deli
Before the show's over, a line in front of the tele
Put 'em down, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
F**k, what these n***ers wanna do now?
Run around with a double barrel, one shot, that's two down
Homicide for the life for us, I holds my crew down
F**king informers, I hate them. We tight, n***ers, we shoot down

Years with them fillie cats, we ain't with that silly rats
North-West, South side, you don't need no city map
Yes, entire rat game be ridding piggy-bank
With the deuce, deuce, but this ain't pity-path
Real n***a rather slugging than hugging
You get money? I can't get none with you, then f**k it!
They just part of the struggle, they just part f the hustle
Part of the game. You part of this? 'cause we start trouble

They say he back on rapper about the drugs he got
But I'm a D boy from the block so f**k it, ride or not
Cooking up is what I do, a baller make a living
On my spare time I'm cooking rats and loading pistols
Try to rob me, n***ers tried and they died for it
Ride around with no licence and a line on me
Trapping hard, blowing wild in the meanwhile
The work running on the market, on the speed dial
I'm high on serum, we ride with the sheriff
You call her wife, but the whole hood share her
Big bears, feel it, they don't mean to scare you
My young boys run the city, their area
Heard you was scared to come back home
N***a call OBH, we the backbone
North fillie, south fillie, keep gats on
Uptown a Frankfurt, my ...


Put thirties in the system
I can taste the lane when i kissed them
Court refuses to dismiss him
So we might as well cook in the streets and the kitchen
Yeah, cubbling all smashed. 800 in the stash
One point, I'm all in cash, but 80 on the dash
So them lights started to flash
Called the motor off the E-Way
Gun in these tools, pocket full of blues
A law abiding citizen, so, long story short
That n***a made a move, so that n***a made the news

Feely, pistol banging, city of brotherly slugs
Kill your brother, hit the funeral, give your mother a hug
They gave your brother them slugs, they gave his a** a brick
And he ain't bring back the dove
The city of B, city of E's, city of me
City of cash, shout out the roof, shout out to Rye, (what up?)
The city that cuffing hard, the city wear shines
Them n***ers don't ever doubt, the nines forever spout
Outlined with chalk, city of Will Smith, city where I'm the king
Gillie, that's real sh*t
F**k all the haters, don't feel this
Though it get realest, my n***ers is careless

I'm some latter Ville pistol vein ya
You got'cha mind made up, I bet the pistol will change it
The Lone Ranger, I dare one of you n***ers to play tanto
And get a feather put in your cat, n***a, pronto
My team lean so you can't lead a purple 'round them
Get them out of town, n***a, I run circles around them