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Dark Polo Gang

"Young Rich Gang RMX"

[Strofa 1: Tony Effe]

[Strofa 2: ZillaKami]
Ok, I don't fade
Ok, your chain is low grade
Ok, you need a upgrade
Run up on you solo (Okay!)
My goons all on go mode (Wassup!)
Shoot it like they photos (Okay!)
[?] cowboys, Tony Romo (Huh?)

[Strofa 3: SosMula]
[?] Tom Brady (Boom boom!)
Bust down, on my left wrist
That’s a [?] 80 (Splash!)
Bust down, on my right wrist
Another 480 (Splash splash!)
[?] Sicily (Mula!)
And my b*tch from Italy (Slide!)
Selling crack like trick or treat (Work!)
Man I guess I'm in too deep (Mula!)
Layup like I'm Pistol Pete (Mula!)

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