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It's raining baby
Forget  facts, forget logic
Forget  everything that seems real, and just trust

[Verse 1]
Pregnancy test down my throat
That's where I carry your child (ugh)
You  could grab it from the back (ugh)
Like  we in that ice cream aisle (mmm)
Make this pus*y call your name (yeah)
Try  to use your fingers to dial (ugh)
Strokes better stretch out my hole
Like we making mosh pits in the crowd (ugh)
I'm 'bout to ride, ride it like NASCAR
Enjoy  the ride then rate the pus*y five stars
Dummy boy but with the head he act smart
Only f*cking white men for black cards (yeah)
Never have I ever came across a n*gga that I might f*ck around and can't please (no)
My head game so damn cold that the head of his di*k really caught a brain freeze

Whore, gasm (ugh)
Whore, gasm (yes)
Whore, gasm (mmm)
Whore, gasm

[Verse 2]
Don't be shy babe
You ain't gon' die baby (uh-uh)
I'm a Nicki fan, that's why the pus*y look like Pink Friday (uh-huh)
Do some sh*t that you can't believe (mhm)
This pus*y bald like Jermaine Dupri
Up in bed ain't no tamin' me
No pain pill but once I f*ck I leave
Supper, Thanksgiving di*k come stuff her (ugh)
Rubber, n*ggas be burnin' no Usher
You gotta hit on it like you the rushes (ow)
pus*y deeper than poetic justice (yeah)
Afterwards I better need crutches
I drink the c*m out that condom no flush it

Whore, gasm (ah)
Whore, gasm (f*ck)
Whore (yes), gasm (ugh)
Whore (yeah), gasm

[Interlude: CupcakKe & Producer]
Oh sh*t
Damn that di*k I'm 'bout to faint
This n*gga di*k print standin' out like the forehead on Tyra Banks (don't you love this di*k b*tch?)
Ain't stoppin' til you scream my name
Afterwards I'm 'bout to clean this pus*y harder than Naomi on a plane

[Verse 3: CupcakKe & Producer]
Daddy come here let me finish you (come here)
Twat squeeze the c*m out like lemon juice (yeah)
Better come through with your swimming suit (ooh)
Switching hoes like lacing tennis shoes (ugh)
c*m in me, please c*m in me
Your kids in me from other nights said they really need company (ugh)
Punish me (shut yo' ass up), please punish me (spank me daddy)
Never buy me flowers every night, plant your seed in me abundantly
Money me, please money me
I'm filing taxes on the kids I swallow, now the courts tryna summon me

Whore, gasm
Whore, gasm
Whore, gasm
Whore, gasm

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