"White Mercedes (Marvin Vogel Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Don't say you love me 'cause I can't say it back
Don't say you're sorry 'cause you've done nothing bad
Swallow my feelings, but won't swallow my pride
You know I've got a suit of armor on, you'll never see me cry
I hate the silence (Ah-ah), that's why the music's always loud
So many problems (Ah-ah), I try to drown 'em out
1000 bottles (Ah-ah), collecting souvenirs
You know it's so hard to admit it
But the only good inside of me is you

I take all of these blue and yellow pills
But nothing seems to last like you
You're chasing after something that you'll never catch

Like a white Mercedes, always been running too fast
When your heart is breaking, you keep on taking me back

[Verse 2]
You're so forgiving (Ah-ah), my friends think you're the best
From the beginning (Ah-ah), your friends said it wouldn't last
But this connection (Ah-ah), it's something they don't see
You know it's so hard to admit it
But the best damn part of me was always you
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