U.S. Girls
Total Slaughter Live Blog
8:48: T-Rex vs. Spawn?

9:00: What the fuck did we just witness?

9:05: T-REX WON?!?!?!?! Total surprise...

9:06: Daylyt in a nutshell right about now

9:07: Literally was rooting for Daylyt at the beginning. Rounds 1 and 2 T-Rex came with the hard hitting punchlines, and Daylyt with the hard wordplay....in the third round Daylyt said "Getting to the third round takes dedication...you see this? It's my schizophrenia medication and as you can see, I have no medication." Then...

9:12 Loaded Lux vs Murda Mook begins

9:16 Lux already has beaten Daylyt by miles

9:19: Online PPV viewers still took a huge L

9:20: Let's see what Mook brought

9:26: "Take ya hands off ya hips, n***a listen!"

9:30: Lux coming back hard though, getting up in Mook's face though...are we gonna see another Dizaster?

9:38 Mook coming back...

9:55: Lux at the corner of the stage tryna escape, I'm hurting for him too
10:03: ....Main event, LEGOO!!!!!!

10:09: Judges

10:16 Hollow with the heat!:

10:23 Joe Buddenzzzz!!! steppin in the battle arena!:

10: 26 : Joe Budden ain't even worried...

10: 33: Hollow re-using bars?

10: 41: You thought re-using bars was bad? Sounds like Joe Budden has some pre-writtens...and is showing it, no trying to conceal it

10:16 Hollow gets personal, SERIOUSLY:

10: 49 : Sway asks those watching on Pay Per View to tweet...

10:53: Joe Mad huh?

10:57: Who won.....