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Lancey Foux


Hook (Maison2500)

I’m with Foux, we get psyched
I been geeked all my life
I put Fendi on my tee, on my jeans number 9
Got that (huh)
Got that strap like a dyke
Who that is, what she want, where she from, what’s the price
Diamond water like a sink
Like a sink, she get pipe
Took that b*tch on a trip, she all white like my rice
Got Off- White for the drip, in all white like a bride
Hold up, (check)
In all white like a wife

Verse 1 (Lancey Foux)

What up next, baggage check
It’s a check, it’s a check
It’s a foux, it’s a threat
It’s a foot on your neck
Money call, call collect
Tall vibe, and she ready
Got me hot, got me red, got me red
Got me red


Verse 2 (Maison2500)

n*ggas fold like a rose
Ima wipe him like my nose
She get bent like a stick
Like a f*cking centrefold
We gon bring em to the crib
We got way too many hoes
With the mob, yeah i bleed
Loyalty is all I know


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