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Lancey Foux

"The Fall (Remix)"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse 1: Lancey Foux]
I know she missin' me, where I've been it's been a mystery
Thinkin' about me yeah, religiously, I've got her puzzled I'm the missin' piece
I got her lookin' at me differently, we're playin' Jenga till we hit it's peak
And it all falls down

[Chorus: Skaiwater]
Holdin' hands walkin' through paradise
One bad apple turn this sh*t to ice, now it's all fallin' down (Falls down)
Lately, I been treated like the enemy
Baby, I'm just tryna please my family 'cause it all falls down (Falls down)

[Post-Chorus: Skaiwater]
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Falls down
Yep, it all falls down (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Falls down (Ooh)
Falls down
Falls, yep, it all falls down (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

[Verse 2: Lancey Foux]
Eenie-miney-mo she caught be f*ckin' by the hoe
I said I didn't just another lie I shouldn't've told
It's just me and Skai little homie, little brodie
Gotta' stick by the g-code don't let no hoe take your soul
But to keep it G I know I'm nothin' if she let me go
Got so much things I gotta' stick around and watch em' grow
If she gets another n*gga I hope she never copes, and if that n*gga speak my name I hope that n*gga chokes
I'd be lyin' if I said that she should let me go
I'd be lyin' if I said that she should be alone
I'm runnin' up I don't wanna do this sh*t over the phone
By you when I'm in my zone
I'm your rock and I'll be your rock I'll be your set in stone
'Till it all falls down

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