"On My Own"

[Verse 1]
They say you're not a kid anymore
You gotta face it
But it's okay
I made my own cake
Do you wanna taste it?
I still siege verses, attestin' I'm a geek
I gotta ace it
I hate myself
I know I'm ill but still prefer to stay sick
The years pass by
With all the weed I ain't seen him since
But with all the weed I've seen my sins
Through a magnifying lens
Riding around town in the yellow tee

Our song playing, I know she gon' call
Hi B
'Cause we think alike
But I'm a deeper thinker, like
I should bring the light
Spark it up
Why should I pick a fight?
My idea's trapped between the edge of darkness
And the brink of bright
Give me a piece of the pie
In fact, I'll just take a big bite
They all call my celly
All my friends call me Mr. Vlad
The kind that makes you get your headphones on
Before you twist your butt
Goodbye baby
I'm gonna run this city
You don't believe me?
That's a pity
You should know that I'm not kidding when I say that I'm
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