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"Devil’s Sight"

Big Og
f**k with me
It's the wavy one
Free Max B
Nah, but you know
I'm in Chicago though
Take that hoe to LA

Big OG, f**k with me
Overseas, counting cheese
Hundred racks and a beam
Duffel bag, Louis V
Mazi slide, she want me
I'ma ride, she a tease
Live alone, die alone
On my back, it's a V
Riding, sipping, smoking strong
I see what the devil see

Rock Evisu jeans
Guess what time it for, hyping up some lean
Drive with the dope to the fiends
b*t*h treat me like King
Been had drugs since a teen
Rest of these n***as is faking
Duck shot like The Matrix
Send big shots at ya', uh (foh)
30 rounds, can't take this
No n***a wanting war with us
n***a wanna act tough
Tell tale, do the talking
Scrying shots, he ain't walking
Going headshot, in the coffin
Fendi bag hold the racks on me
Loving on your hoe, she been had, homie
Bro, this mine, call me Big Tony
Want that ass, baby come and show me
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