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"Gong Clear (Skit)"

[lighter flicks, inhales]
Aye, you lot don't understand my guy. See when this new ting drops? They have to appreciate, they haven't got no choice but to appreciate it

Haile on any track, on any chorus - everybody knows what it is, yeah

Louis, with the lyrical content and all of that my guy. And just with the pen and all that, these man can't even keep up! And the gyal go crazy for his voice. Do you know what I'm saying, yeah?

On top of that, like free my n*gga Akelle, home soon. You see when he comes back? Bro you're back in full effect, the trios back baby, WSTRN season

You lot don't seem to put the recognition on my n*ggas names' and that. You lot aren't seeming to understand what I'm saying like right now? Come on my guy. I ain't even gotta say no more. You lot aren't even taking me in bruv

It's WSTRN season

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