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Skyzoo Lyrics

The Early Ep (2017)

17 Bullets (2016)

Titans in the Flesh (2016)

The Urban Hitchcock LP (2015)

A Tribute to Black Dynamite - The Unofficial Mixtape (2014)

Penny Series Pt. 2 (2013)

Starvin Like Marvin For A Cool J Song (2013)

County of Kings - Single (2011)

Presents... David Thompson (2011)

The Penny Freestyle Series Pt 2 (2011)

Return of the B-Girl (2010)

Coming Soon 2 a Hood Near You (2009)

The Power of Words (2009)

Never Or Now (2008)

Soldiers of Fortune (2006)

The City's Favorite (2005)

Feed Yo Kids

Me & Marvin

The Arrival


The Last Lyricist

Other Songs

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